100 Hottest Long Hairstyles For 2015

The long flowing hair looks amazingly beautiful and stunning. There is a list of chic ways to style your long hair. The long hairstyle is ideal option for the formal and informal events. Here, let’s preview some smashing long hairstyle for 2015. With the fabulous long hairstyle, it is believed that you can offer people a brilliant and chic look.

The sleek straight long hairstyle looks like a charming waterfall. A cool way to lighten your long hair load without a lot of elaborate styling is to add in some layers. Besides, the layers can help your long hairstyle more textured and stylish.

The long curly hairstyle is also full of gorgeous, sexy and admiring factors. The soft curls can add much volume and bounce to your usual hair. Besides, you can choose to curl all your hair or curl it partly depending on your face shape and hair texture.

You can create your long hairstyle into a gorgeous French braided hairstyle which is a perfectly polished and romantic hairstyle for day or night. The stylish French braids can add more fun and feminine factors to the long hairstyle. You can also opt for a side fishtail braid and pair it with a cool scarf or cute headband.

The luscious classic ponytail hairstyle looks quite simple yet charming. The pony enjoys a long history yet it has always been in trend, so it is quite popular among many people.

For more charm, you can pair your long hairstyle with some bangs! Long hair with bangs is a quick way to freshen your hairstyle without changing the length of your hair.

Rihanna Long Hairstyles: Red Curly Hair Style

Rihanna’s super special long curly hairstyle with warm inviting tones has stunned many people. The fabulous hairstyle looks asymmetric, with one side shaved clearly and the other side long and gently sitting on one shoulder. The luscious large bouncy soft, sexy curls create the look much volume and shape. The amazing bangs are styled over the eyes.


Avril Lavigne Hair Styles: Cute Long Straight Hairstyle

Avril Lavigne’s long straight hairstyle looks shinning and luscious. The hair at the front is combed back and secured, thus, her pretty forehead be out of your face. And the bottom half of her hair is simply left out loosely! A touch of pink highlight adds more charm and interest to the smooth hairstyle! This awesome long hairstyle is a stunning option for people who want to elongate a round face shape.


Avril Lavigne Long Hairstyles: Cute Straight Hairstyle for Girls

Avril Lavigne spices up her long straight hairstyle with brilliant and interesting pink and green highlights. This splendid long hairstyle with short and long layers is awesome for anyone who is looking to elongate a round face shape.


Allison Williams Long Hairstyles: Long Braided Hairstyle

Allison Williams rocks a fun long braided hairstyle and it matches her look wonderfully. The gorgeous charming long hairstyle is braided down and placed back. The fabulous and adorable long braid with layers looks romantic and it is of minimum styling effort.


Britney Spears Long Hairstyles: Straight with Blonde Hair

Britney Spears’s super beautiful long hair features brilliant tones and razored layers. The smooth side part pairs the long smooth hairstyle greatly and exposés her flawless face. Teasing slightly on crown helps give a little volume. The long and short layers make the long hairstyle more natural and interesting.


Maria Menounos Long Hairstyles: Wavy Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Maria Menounos adds splendid face-framing layers to create volume on her modern long hairstyle. The soft curls and various precise layers make her long hair full of volume and movement. The deep side part gives a little more interest and adds contemporary style.


Jennifer Morrison Long Hairstyles: Twisted Ponytail Hair Style

Jennifer Morrison tries a super cool twisted long hairstyle which looks fun and bouncy. The luscious breath-taking long hairstyle works well on both straight and wavy hair textures.


Maria Menounos Long Hairstyles: Fish Braided Hairstyle for Night Out

Maria Menounos’s long braided hairstyle looks soft and romantic. Her crown is teased up for volume and causal effect. The long hair is created into a loose Fish braid for instant interest. The ultra-voguish style can earn many admiring glances.



Kiernan Shipka Long Hairstyles: Cute Ponytail Hairstyle

The super long ponytail hairstyle enhance Kiernan Shipka’s beautiful look greatly. Her long wavy hair is styled into a classic ponytail which matched her makeup perfectly. The long hairstyle with no bangs reveals her flawless face shape. It is simple to create the hairstyle. Smooth the hair, pull back the long hair and secure it in the middle back part of your head with a ponytail holder.


Bella Thorne Long Hairstyles: Wavy Hairstyle with Blunt Bangs

Bella Thorne’s luscious long hairstyle with heavy textured bangs enhances her charming face. The soft loose flattering curls bring much movement and shape and earn her a number of head-turns.


Bonnie McKee Red Long Hairstyles: Ombre Straight Hairstyle

Bonnie McKee’s red long hairstyle looks chic and brilliant. Her smooth and tousled layered hairstyle contours her jaw-line charmingly. The stunning jagged cut layers enhance shape to the simple length. The eye-catching hairstyle can be an ideal option for outgoing and parties.


Selena Gomez Long Hairstyles: Easy Braided Hairstyle

Selena Gomez creates a luscious long hairstyle which is full of charm and grace. The splendid long hairstyle is styled into a crown ponytail and then braided down. The pretty hairstyle works well on straight hair and wavy hair. The luscious hairstyle is great for people who search for a fabulous and cool style that is simple to create. Comb all the hair back. Pull tight in the center of the crown into a high ponytail. Braid the hair. Pin the hair ends with an elastic band.


Ahna O’Reilly Long Hairstyles: Losse Ponytail

The ponytail hairstyle has a perfect combination of effortless and the no-fuss charming look works Ahna O’Reilly’s hair texture wonderfully. Several flicks soften her face superbly. The long hairstyle is effortless to create! To get the look, gather your hair into a low ponytail. Backcomb the tail section to gain extra volume.


Stephanie Leigh Schlund Hairstyles: Ash-Blonde Straight Hair

Stephanie Leigh Schlund’s long hair is all about volume, color and the style. The cool long hairstyle itself turns up the volume and movement. The side part frames her pretty face clearly.


Torrei Hart Long Hairstyles: Braided Hairstyle for Black Women

Torrei Hart rocks styles her long hair into bold and cool two-tone dreadlocks.’ The super luscious dreadlocks are closely related with the Rastafari movement, but some people from ethnic groups also create the worn dreadlocks. It takes a long period to get fully mature dreadlocks. However, for a cooler and more special look to show your personality, it is worth.


Laura Marano Long Hairstyles: Layered Wavy Hairstyles with Braided Bangs

Laura Marano adds some fun factors to her long hairstyle by braiding her side hair. Her textured hairstyle features big, bouncy curls which just sit on her shoulders tenderly. The tousled layers make the look more seductive.


Erin Andrews Long Hairstyles: Losse Braids

Erin Andrews’s long hair is created into a loose fishtail braid which looks enhancing. The luscious long hairstyle works well on straight hair and wavy hair. To create it, tease the hair at the crown to get lift. Style a loose twisting fishtail braid. Fix the long hair ends with a clear elastic band.


Troian Bellisario Long Hairstyles: Cute Ponytail Hairstyle

Troian Bellisario styles her long hair into a classic splendid ponytail which looks sophisticated, yet simple to create. To get the look, gather your hair above eye level and create it ponytail. Wrap a wide section of hair around the tail.


Ashley Benson Long Hairstyles: Wavy Hairstyle with Side Bangs

Extra long side bangs are added to Ashley Benson’s long layered hairstyle. The face-framing layers shown remove weight. The long hair is tapered over a fun layered base which adds much lightness. The long flowing hairstyle can flatter many events.


Bella Thorne Long Hairstyles: Losse Braided Hairstyle with Blunt Bangs

Bella Thorne chooses neat heavy bangs and loose braid to freshen her long hairstyle. The eye-kissing bangs hide her long forehead and soften harsh features. The cool hair tones also brighten her face greatly.


Taryn Manning Long Hairstyles: Brown Hair

Taryn Manning’s long hairstyle is teased up at her crown which makes the splendid hairstyle more luscious and full of volume. The smashing hairstyle is ideal for long and round face.


Jennifer Aniston Long Hairstyles: Messy Straight Hairstyle

Jennifer Aniston’s long layered hair just falls past her shoulders which looks gorgeous. The side swept bangs are cut right at eye level. Face framing layers add tons of interest and fun to the long hairstyle.


Katy Perry Long Hairstyles: Sleek High Ponytail

Katy Perry’s black long ponytail hairstyle offers her a young and cool look and feel. The long smooth shiny long hairstyle is ideal for women with round face. some smoothing cream can help keep it neater and shiner.


Hayden Panettiere Long Hairstyles: Blone Straight Hairstyle for Bangs

Hayden Panettiere’s layered loose hairstyle looks carefree and amazing. The long flowing hairstyle with long heavy bangs which just graze her eyes appears polished and stylish. The one-length also spices it up and adds a little more fun to the long neat cut! Flat irons are perfect for smoothing and polishing the strands.


Cassadee Pope Long Hairstyles: Center Part Hairstyle for Waves

Cassadee Pope’s gorgeous long curly hairstyle is featured by the beautiful cinnamon color is contrasted with light black tone. The long curls add much fullness around her feature. This hairstyle is awesome for people with a slender face. With a curling iron and some styling product, you can also gain the interesting and stylish look in no time.


Abigail Breslin Long Hairstyles: Blonde Ponytail Hairstyle

Abigail Breslin’s side ponytail hairstyle with a side part appears beautiful and fun. This splendid hairstyle keeps all her hair out of her face which revel her pretty face clearly. The simple yet stunning long hairstyle is great for formal and informal events.


Heidi Klum Long Hairstyles: Textured Layered Hairstyle

Heidi Klum’s long textured hairstyle enhances her round face structure. The versatile length is enhanced by long and short layers which add a bit of movement, softness and shape.


Cami Bradley Long Hairstyles: Curly Wavy Hairstyles for Bangs

Cami Bradley’s long hairstyle looks charming and voluminous. The luscious length is enhanced by the soft bouncy curls added to the mid-lengths to ends which bring the look shape and movement. The smooth neat heavy bangs fall down the forehead to make the face tender and enhance the adorable look gorgeously.


Miranda Kerr Long Hairstyles: Losse Waves

Miranda Kerr’s long hairstyle features face-framing layers and soft curls.
This various layers soften and balance the casual volume. The curly hairstyle can hide the wide cheek and make the square face slimmer and more charming.


Kaitlyn Dever Long Hairstyles: Cute Easy Braided Hairstyle

Kaitlyn Dever’s long hairstyle is full of fun and romance. The charming long hairstyle is braided down and placed on one shoulder. This cute and gorgeous hairstyle is proper for people with round face structures and magnificent for all occasions.


Suki Waterhouse Long Hairstyles: Wavy Hairstyles for Bangs

This is a charming attracting long layered hairstyle for Suki Waterhouse. Her hair length is enhanced by long choppy layers which add texture to her fabulous look. medium to long layers cut throughout the back and sides of the hairstyle refine the shape. The roots are teased to get lift at the crown that gets it ideal for people with round face structures. The blunt neat bangs enhance her eyes greatly.


Adriana Abenia Long Hairstyles: Blonde Hair

Adriana Abenia always shock onlookers with her creative and cool hairstyle. This time, she rocks a fun long hairstyle with an adorable side braid and it matches her pretty look wonderfully. Side-swept bangs minimize the face width, so it suit face shape with high cheekbone. The fabulous long hairstyle with layers looks romantic and will truly grab much attention.


Skye Townsend Long Hairstyles: Ombre Hairstyle for Black Women

Skye Townsend creates a sexy and feminine long hairstyle that suits her perfectly. Long layers are cut throughout and that make the attracting double-toned hairstyle stand out. The smooth shining hairstyle will be suitable for thick hair kinds.


Nicki Minaj Long Hairstyles: Smooth Straight Hair

Nicki Minaj wows the crowd with her copper long smooth hairstyle. The stunning silky manes feature subtle layers cut round the edges to contour the sides of the face keeping the hairstyle sweet and feminine.

The smashing neat one-length hairstyle with a smooth middle part is gorgeous for people looking for a cool hairstyle to enhance a round face.


Rihanna Long Hairstyles: Layered Curly Hair

Rihanna dresses a long curly hairstyle with brilliant tone which leaves onlookers a deep impression. The dainty casual hairstyle has soft waves added to the mid-lengths to ends to bring the charming hairstyle a lot of boost. The soft curls are defined and the various layers create volumes and fullness. The hairstyle is excellent for people with larger, longer faces since the length and width of the curly hairstyle can get your face smaller.


Hiba Abouk Long Hairstyles: Brown Waves

Hiba Abouk’s length is kept long and her top part is short layered to add height and movement. The long hair is styled over one shoulder for an asymmetric finish. The long curly hairstyle is certain to attract head turns.


Stella Banderas Long Hairstyles: Easy Braided Hairstyle

Stella Banderas’s causal long braided hairstyle appears interesting and romantic. The long hair is combed loosely and then created into a loose Fish braid for instant interest. Random pieces are left out to add some softness and fun factors to the look. The ultra-voguish lovely hairstyle can earn many admiring glances.


Miranda Kerr Long Hairstyles: Ombre Hairstyle

Miranda Kerr’s length is kept at shoulder level. The top layers are cut short to add height while the back and sides are kept long for a smooth finish. The short to long jagged layers are cut through for a full and textured effect. The long hairstyle with a side part can be a cool option for your bad hair days.


Keri Russell Long Hairstyles: Side Braided Hair Style

Keri Russell appears excellent with the long braided hairstyle. Lots of volumes are added around her face to push her hair away, leaving no hair to fall into her eyes. The long braided hairstyle just sits on one shoulder for an asymmetric effect.


Molly McQueen Long Hairstyles: Blonde Straight Hair

Fun and neat is the main feature of Molly McQueen’s long hairstyle. The ends and layers are jagged cut to keep a wispy edge. Some styling cream can help keep it neat and shine loner.


Jennette McCurdy Long Hairstyles: Cute Straight Hairstyle for Girls

A splash of red color is added to Jennette McCurdy’s long hairstyle. The blunt cut long bangs are smoothed down complete the splendid layered hairstyle brilliantly. The textured hairstyle is proper for round face structures.


Anna Faris Long Hairstyles: Straight Hairstyle for Bangs

Anna Faris’s waterfall-like long hairstyle is blow-dried sleek and draped over the shoulders showing off the layers that sit under the jaw-line and the jagged cut edges. The top is smoothed out to show off the blunt neat bangs that frame the face. The brilliant color of the hairstyle is enough to turn heads.


Rose Byrne Long Hairstyles: Brown Hair

Rose Byrne’s fun and sexy long hairstyle features a lot of bounce and movement because of the various layers cut round the sides and back to lighten the length. Long neat bangs are swept side to soften the excellent hairstyle and complete the whole smashing layered look ideally.


Tara Lipinski Long Hairstyles: Layered Wavy Hair

Tara Lipinski styles her long hair tousled curly with a middle part to enhance her oval face structure. The long layers lighten the length and enhance soft loose curls. The long hairstyle is excellent for people searching for a chic hairstyle with a lot of bounce to gain turn heads.


Kiernan Shipka Long Hair Styles: Wavy Hairstyle for Side Bangs

The dizzying long hairstyle sits charmingly to enhance Kiernan Shipka’s flawless face showing off the loose soft curls added to the mid-lengths that create much movement and softness. The side swept bangs are jagged cut to frame the top of the face. This hairstyle is simple to re-create with a large curling iron.


Kristin Bauer Long Hairstyles: Curly Hairstyles for Women Over 40

Kristin Bauer’s exciting long hairstyle is all about fullness shape and bounce. Her crown is teased up for volume and causal effect. The full bodied hairstyle will work wonders on people with long face shapes.


Carly Rae Jepsen Long Hairstyles: Cute Hairstyle for Bangs

The back of Carly Rae Jepsen’s dizzying brilliant long hairstyle is layered up to the crown and curled for softness. The top and front layers are blunt cut smoothed to add contrast to the whole curly look and contour the face ideally. This long hairstyle is ideal for people searching for a hairstyle with attitude and bounce.


Anna Kendrick Long Hairstyles: Braided Hairstyle for Summer

Anna Kendrick dresses her splendid long braid to one shoulder which creates an asymmetric look. Side part contours the top of the face and completes the brilliant long hairstyle wonderfully. Several loose flicks soften her face superbly.


Jessica Alba Long Hairstyles: Loose Waves Hairstyle

Bouncy and sexy is the main feature of Jessica Alba’s long hairstyle. The mid-lengths to hair ends are set in rollers to define the soft curls waves which create lots of volumes and movement. The excellent brown blonde hairstyle is ideal for people with naturally thick hair searching for a charming hairstyle to wow the crowds


Maria Menounos Long Hairstyles: Brown Soft Wavy Hair

The softly-blown hair has a touch of volume and shape since the hair ends are allowed to move and bend in more natural flow. The long flowing hairstyle showcases fluid curls. The flipped upwards long bangs brighten the hairstyle.


Anna Faris Long Hairstyles: Blonde Hairstyles for Bangs

The lightly long layers frame the face in a golden glow and create a very natural sun bleached effect. The heavy neat full bangs hide the high forehead and stress the big eyes in a flattering way. The motion of the long hair can brings out fresh patterns with head turns.


Lilah Parsons Long Hairstyles: Trendy Ombre Hairstyle

The gradient color hair is tapered over a long layered base to add energy to the long hairstyle. The neat eyebrow-kissing bangs emphasize the oval face shape. The trendsetting multi-toned hairstyle combines organic, flowing lines of cutting and texture. The innovative combination of colors looks cool and stylish. This straight hairstyle can be achieved by a flat brush and a straightener.


Allison Williams Long Hairstyles: Brown Straight Hair

The sleek lines enhance her face with soft but distinct texture. It is parted high on the crown towards the temple; the long asymmetric bangs also soften the edges. This sophisticated yet youthful long smooth hairstyle can be styled for all occasions.


Melissa Barrera Long Hairstyles: Straight Hairstyle for Braids Bangs

The smooth long haircut with a stunning decorative side braid looks super romantic and fun. The straight hair touches the shoulders with its textured tips. The elaborate side braid can create you a fairy tale princess with long sleek hairstyle. Some smoothing product can help keep it admiring longer.


Jessica Alba Long Hairstyles: Straight Hair

Jessica Alba just leaves her long hairstyle causal and loose, with long and sleek hair giving much movement and shape. A slew of fine side swept bangs fall down which soften the face shape. One side hair is tucked behind the ear to expose the charming ear-rings. Some shine enhancer can help keep it admiring longer.


Taylor Swift Long Hairstyles: Long Hair for Short Bangs

This golden honey-blond with loose waved curls is radiant. The long hairstyle is full of glamour and passion. The side swept blunt sultry neat fringe matches the amazing curls and waves greatly. One side hair is tucked behind the ear to expose the lovely ear-ring.


Miranda Kerr Long Hairstyles: Ombre Hair style

Miranda Kerr wears an off center part with leads of hair over to one side. The heavy part of the enticing long hair rolls takes its fabulous position over part of the face. The sumptuous curls begin around the chin and casually fall around her shoulders.


Kesha Long Hairstyles: Blonde Layered Hairstyle for Straight Hair

Kesha’s stunning long blonde hairstyle is full of breathtaking movement and beautiful volume which matches her skin tone perfectly. The textured length is plunged down below the shoulders.


Katy Perry Long Hairstyles: Side Braided Hairstyle

Katy Perry creates her long black hairstyle into a loose and causal side braid. The white hat matches the black braided hairstyle in a flattering way.


Lady Gaga Long Hairstyles: Layered Wavy Hair

Lady Gaga likes trying fresh and unusual hairstyle to show her adventurous and bold personality and this time is no exception. She creates her long hair messy, bouncy and voluminous. The long curls boost tons of volume. A light mist of hairspray can help hold the tumbling fabulous curls.


Nina Dobrev Long Hairstyles: High Ponytail Hairstyle with Side Bangs

The long ponytail looks simple yet classic and playful. This striking long hairstyle is enhanced by the sleek fringe area covers the major part of the forehead.


Rihanna Long Hairstyles: Curly Hair

Rihanna showcases her unique asymmetric long curly hairstyle. One side of the black hair is shaved just like a man’s short hairstyle while the other side and back sections are kept long to the shoulder level. Thus, the whole look offers people a cool, exceptional and sexy effect.


Petra Nemcova Long Hairstyles: Fishtail Braid

Petra Nemcova creates her long hair into a distinctive fishnet braid that is brought around the head to plunge over the shoulder. The radiant braided hairstyle exposes her face shape and offers a adorable and fun look.


Taylor Spreitler Long Hairstyles: Braided Updos

This updo hairstyle with double braids enhances Taylor Spreitler’s charm and grace greatly. The front side hair is created into two paralleled braided and then the hair ends together with the remaining hair is gently created into a low bun. This splendid up hairstyle is proper for royalty and turns the hair into a sophisticated craftsmanship.


Frankie Sandford Long Hairstyles: Long Hair with Side Bangs

The gorgeous romantic curls cascade down one shoulder charmingly. The curls increase in force and leave her face framed with long glamorous curls. The neat sexy bangs are extra long and sweeps across her forehead. Her amazing neutral and warm brown color lightens up the whole look. This can be created with thick barreled curling iron.


Victoria Beckham Long Hairstyles: Celebrity Haircut

Victoria Beckham styles wonderful layers into her long hair. The sating and glamorous long hair just sits on one shoulder, which accentuates her face shape. Some shine spray can maintain the long hair healthy and lustrous.




Beyonce Knowles Long Hairstyles: Curly Hair

Soft and bouncy curls accessorize the hairstyle and bring much movement, volume and femininity. The softly lightened long hairstyle accentuates Beyonce Knowles’s complexion and flawless face feature.


Jean Whalen Long Hairstyles: Big Curly Hairstyle with Short Bangs

This splendid hairstyle is a great and timeless example of casual grace with shoulder-skimming curls. The base color is a dark brown, with subtle lights in the hair ends. One side hair is tugged behind the ear to create an asymmetric effect. To create the soft curls, you can set your hair on a medium sized roller.


Jennifer Morrison Long Hairstyles: Messy Braided Hair Style

The adorable long blonde hairstyle has a calming causality and simplicity but also a lot of radiance and romance. The gorgeous long hairstyle is braided down and placed on the front. The fabulous long loose braid is perfect option for holidays and outgoing.


Jennifer Morrison Long Hairstyles: Twisted Ponytail Hairstyle

Jennifer Morrison’s breath-taking twisted long hairstyle stuns many people. Her crown is teased up to create much volume and shape .The fun and long hairstyle looks bouncy and interesting. The luscious hairstyle with each section fixed with clear elastic band can earn many admiring glances.


Bella Thorne Long Hairstyles Cute Braided Hairstyle with Blunt Bangs

The loose fishtail braid looks enhancing and luscious. The long neat heavy bangs enhance her big eyes and main face features.


Bella Thorne Long Hair Styles: Big Curly Hair with Bangs

The glamorous and modern long curly hairstyle looks causal, voluminous and stunning. Towards the lower parts the long demure blond hair becomes curly, breaking up the silky upper section. The long neat eye-kissing fringe is full of grace, movement and seductive attitude.


Kerry Washington Long Hairstyles 2015: Black Curly Hair

The full volume makes Kerry Washington’s long raven hair soft and bouncy. This long flowing luxurious curly hairstyle features appears lustrous and radiant. The light side parted bangs are cut at the brows level and the large curls offers her a flawless unique and flattering look.






Ashlee Simpson Long Hairstyles: Center Parted Hairstyle

Ashlee Simpson’s platinum blonde long hair has a supernatural radiance and glow. The long layered wavy hairstyle offers people a rebellious yet elegant angelic look. This lengthy hairstyle is quite suitable for thinner hair since the light curls can bring much fullness and texture and volume.


Kristen Stewart Long Hairstyles: Messy Fishtail Hairstyle

Kristen Stewart styles her long hair into a romantic French braid. The gorgeous French braid adds more fun and feminine factors to her long hairstyle. You can also pair it with cute headband or some flowers.





Hilary Duff Long Hairstyles: Blonde Straight Hair

Hilary Duff’s golden blonde hair reaches below her shoulders. Loose layers encourage and enhance much natural movement and casual flow. The long polished hairstyle is perfect for day or night.


Kelly Osbourne Long Hairstyles: Hairstyle with Blunt Bangs

This soft long layered hairstyle with the pastel purple is dreamy, extravagant and brilliant. The flattering hair is styled all straight as a contrast to the soft tone. The long neat fringe is masterfully textured and is helped by the tapered sides to contour her face in a slimming way


Anna Faris Long Hairstyles: Blunt Straight Hairstyle

Anna Faris’s one-length smooth long hairstyle makes her more charming and younger. The wide bangs reach from one temple to the other and are cut in a straight line that follows the shape of her big blue eyes. The two sides fall in smooth silkiness.


Rachel Bilson Long Hairstyles: Casual Loose Braid

The long loose braid created by Rachel Bilson offers her a causal and informal look. The major section hair is let loose and natural and the braid is began from the lower part.


Jayma Mays Long Hairstyles: Cute Ponytail

Jayma Mays creates her long flowing hair into a simple yet eye-catching ponytail. The neat piecy bangs contour her face shape in a flattering way. This fabulous hairstyle can be your saviors at bad hair days since it is of minimal styling and splendid look.


Vanessa Hudgens Long Hairstyles: Ombre Curly Hairstyle

Vanessa Hudgens’s long curly hair comes with enough seductive and stunning power. The multi-toned make the long well-defined curls to more magnificent, stylish and mystical level.


Paris Hilton Long Hairstyles: Sleek and Straight Hair

Paris Hilton’s long straight and ultra sleek blonde hair shows off its healthy shine and sexy natural movement. Layered around the sides and rounded off in the lower perimeter creates more soft texture. The deep side part lets the chin-length fringe flow gently over the face in a mysterious half veil.


Greta Gerwig Long Hairstyles: Loose Curly Hair

Greta Gerwig’s long hairstyle features long layers to bring out the full beauty of her natural bouncy waves. And with less weight pulling them down, they spring up all around her head in a gorgeous and cool dance. The long fringe just sizzles its way along side her face. A bit of mousse can help brings out the natural curls more and separates the hair for the ravishing hairstyle.


Laura Whitmore Long Hairstyles: Straight Hairstyle for Thin Hair

The face-contouring layers please and flatter Laura Whitmore’s face shape in a stunning way. The layers make the flat head voluminous and full of life. The side long fringe fall down the face add much softness and motion and sexy texture to the whole look.


Audrina Patridge Long Hairstyles: Easy Long Hair

Audrina Patridge’s long hair combines sleek hair and curly strands. The long hair falls down the shoulders delightfully. The straight center part exposés her face feature visible. The volume increases in the lower part and surrounds her shoulders with a billowing mass of curls and curves.


Jennifer Lopez Long Hairstyles: Layered Haircut

The long layered hair is full of wild and seductive motion. The light blonde adds powdery softness and flirtatious movement to the splendid hairstyle.


Alexa Chung Hairstyles: Brown Haircut with Blunt Bangs

This lustrous long brown hairstyle with fine layers enhances her complexion greatly. The heavy bangs get all people’s attention to her sexy blue eyes. Some styling spray can maintain it shine and lustrous longer.


Mollie King Long Hairstyles: Light Blonde Hair

Mollie King knows about the flattering effect of the brilliant platinum hairstyle. Soft layers and texture frame her face and around her head for the swinging movement. Some smoothing and nourishing products can help get the amazing long hair neater.


Shaun Robinson Long Hairstyles: Curly Hairstyle with Side Bangs

Shaun Robinson tames her natural curly hair to sit on her shoulders which soften the whole look. The breathtaking neat heavy bangs contour her forehead and the lustrous raven tone matches her complexion greatly.


Dakota Johnson Long Hairstyles: Chic Updo

The forward portions of the top and side parts are separated from the rest hair and the rear sections are drawn to the right-rear and wound into a splendid roll. This glamorous up-style offers a graceful and modern look and can be crafted for formal events.


Andrea Powell Long Hairstyles: Easy Bun Updos

Andrea Powell styles a smooth and structured elegant up-style. All the hair is combed backwards to form a tightly-woven knot at the nape area and comes with an instantly slimming effect. Some hair pins help keep it in place longer. This seductive up-style exposes her shining ear drops.


Darby Stanchfield Long Hairstyles: Messy Updo Hairstyles

Darby Stanchfield combs her long hair slightly behind the ear. The updo looks feminine, romantic and powerful. Two long locks fall down the side of her face just like beautiful wings of a bird.


Naya Rivera Long Hairstyles: Quick Updo

This exciting updo without the thrills and frills just shine. The long black hair is styled back with innate charm and elegance. The glam balanced shape exposes her flawless face perfectly. Large earrings and low cut dress match the charming hairstyle greatly.


Zoey Deutch Long Hairstyles: Braided Updo Hairstyle for Prom

The skillfully crafted crown braid adds a regal glamour accent to the hairstyle and draw attention to the upper section of the face. The classic look is perfect for the modern confident woman who has a strong sense of herself.


Olivia Palermo Long Hairstyles: Low Side Braid Ponytail

Olivia Palermo creates an eye-catching asymmetric hairstyle and attracts many cameras. This hairstyle with a large amount of modern vibe is simple to create. You can first comb your hair to one side and style it into a low ponytail, and then braid it loosely. Fix the hair ends with a clear elastic band.


Rachel McAdams Long Hairstyles: Updo Hairstyle with Bangs

The enchanting updo is a mix of lady’s charm and fashion diva. The glam long hair is turned into a magnificent loose chignon in the back. The hair on the back is teased for extra body, then combed flat and shiny before the lower part is put into a pony tail and tugged under. The neat fringe is arranged in a sweeping motion. The charming look is great for the office and for important social events. Apply some hairspray to the teased hair to maintain a long-lasting effect.


Mary Elizabeth Ellis Long Hairstyles: Prom Updo

Mary Elizabeth Ellis enchants her long blonde hair and creates it into a fun classical up-style that brings all people’s attention to her face. The hair on the back is teased for extra body, then combed flat and shiny before the lower part is put into a pony tail and tugged under. The twist bangs add playful and interesting factors.


Emilia Fox Long Hairstyles: Updo Hairstyle with Braided Bangs

Emilia Fox styles an intricate fun French braid which flows from one side diagonally across the head lend a fairy charm to the stunning and romantic look. The inscrutable glamorous braided hairstyle makes her look like a Princess of Fantasia.


Katie Dippold Long Hairstyles: Straight Hair

The glamorous long blonde hair on top of Katie Dippold’s head is created into a lovely rope braid and the rest section is left loose. The cute and fun braid just like a flattering hair band and make the whole forehead visible.


AnnaSophia Robb Long Hairstyles: Casual Ponytail

AnnaSophia Robb stuns others once again with an eye-popping long hairstyle. The top is teased quite high and styled up for maximum volume and height.


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