13 Beautiful Easy Braided Hairstyles

Braided hairstyles are the best and easiest ways to keep hair out from your face. Maybe this is the very reason why crown braided hair is invented. But they also look refreshing and beautiful at the same time.

Fish-bone braid, also known as the herringbone, is quite popular these years. It’s a different kind of traditional braid. It looks quite complicated and time-consuming. But actually it’s an easy go-to choice for everyday look, especially for those girls with long hair. When you are fed up with the casual ponytail, braid the hair and secure with a rubber band. The braided ponytail could make a refreshing appearance for you. You can also make a side braided pony or on both sides. It would look more feminine and shift attention to your graceful neck and shoulders.

To make the braid more eye-catching, we can decorate it with a stylish fringe or colorful hair accessories. In both cases, you will look sweet and stunning.


Braided-Bun-Hairstyle Braided-Hairstyle Braided-Hairstyle1 Braided-Hairstyle2 Braided-Headband-Hairstyle Braided-Headband-Hairstyle1 Colored-Braided-Hairstyle Fishbone-Braided-Hairstyle Loose-Hairstyle Loose-Side-Braided-Hairstyle Mermaid-Braided-Hairstyle Side-Braided-Hairstyle

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