14 Beautiful Braided Hairstyles with Extensions for Women

A braid (also called plait) is a complex structure or pattern formed by overlapping three or more strands of hair. Hair braiding has long been thought to have originated in East Africa. Braiding is traditionally a social art. It begins with the elders making simple knots and braids for younger children. This carries on a tradition of bonding between elders and the new generation. But nowadays, most of us use braids only to decorate and style our hairstyles.

There are many types of braids like English Braid, French Braid, Dutch Braid and Heidi Braid for your picky choice. Different braids have their own styles and feelings to be distinguished with other kinds. To choose what kind of braid is all up to your go-to occasions and feeling. Sometimes you can also roll it into a cute bun or around your head to shape a crown. You can add some decorations like diamond pins and flowery clips to make a difference.

Braided hairstyle is also a best choice to keep your hair out of face in a sticky, hot day as well as in a business occasion as messy and tousled hair would be an impolite and pesky problem for office ladies. It’s also a good way to add romantic sense to you appearance when you want to be soft and sweet when going out for a dating. Braids can be also appeared in weddings would look gorgeous in a long gorgeous wedding gown. They can also shape in a casual look to meet your everyday dress.


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