Amazing Short Pixie Cuts for 2015

Pixie hairtstyle becomes increasingly popular since a great number of celebrities create their hair pixie which looks boyish yet still feminine. Pixie cut features soft sweeping bangs and the wispy hair in front of the ear.

Michelle Williams in Elle UK loves her short hair. It takes quite a long time — 5 years for her short hair to become long. Of course, the only people who love the short hair are gay men and her girlfriends. Straight men across the board do not like this hair! She said that she once cut a pixie once just because of a straight man who has ever loved short hair and she wore it in honor of somebody who liked it.

The pixie hairstyle may look like a wash-and-go kind of hairstyle. However, in order to keep it in great style, you need get it trimmed every five to six weeks. According to Cutler, the pixie hairstyle is also great option for women without kinky, curly hair.

Here are some great pixie cuts, enjoy.

2014-Pixie-Cut 2014-Short-Blonde-Pixie-Cut Boyish-Short-Red-Pixie-Cut Carey-Mulligan-Red-Pixie-Cut Celebrity-Pixie-Cut Charlize-Theron-Pixie-Cut Cute-Blonde-Pixie-Cut Cute-Long-Pixie-Cut Cute-Short-Pixie-Cut-for-Baby Cynthia-Nixon-Short-Pixie-Cut-for-Older-Women Emma-Watson-Pixie-Cut Long-Pixie-Cut Modern-Pixie-Cut-for-Round-Face Pixie-Cut-2014 Pixie-Cut-for-2014 Pixie-Cut-for-Women-Over-60 Sexy-Short-Haircut-for-2014-Pixie-Cut Short-Black-Pixie-Cut Short-Pixie-Cut-with-Bangs Short-Red-Pixie-Cut Side-View-of-Short-Pixie-Haircut

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