Charming Blonde Hairstyles for the Season

Long blond hairstyle is once believed to be the most attractive hairstyle for women. It always reminds us of the most famous and sexiest American actress Marilyn Monroe. She has been the ideal lover for most men for a very long time. Is this light shade color really a magician on hair look? Let’s check out together.

Blond hairstyles always give an attractive and mysterious sense to women who wearing this hairstyle. Many famous actresses are blond hair converts like Kate Moss, Kirsten Dunst and Anne Hathaway. The most impressive and refreshing one recently would be Julianne Hough’s blond choppy bob. She just followed the latest trend this year. The dip die technique and grown out brown roots make the entire look casual and breath-taking. Blond colored hair gives a sense of radical and edgy as well as charm.

Find your hair color inspiration through these beautiful pictures! Whether your hair is long or short, wavy or straight, there always is a blonde shade here for everyone. The blond color can change your look totally down to the ground.


Ash-Blonde-Hair-Color-Idea Ash-Blonde-Hair-Color Dark-Blonde-Hair-Color Long-Straight-Blonde-Hair Long-Straight-Blonde-Hair1 Long-Straight-Light-Blond-Hair Long-Wavy-Blond-Hair Long-Wavy-Blonde-Hair1 Long-Wavy-Caramel-Blond-Hair Medium-Skin-Blond-Hair Medium-Skin-Blond-Hair1 Red-Blonde-Hair-Color-Idea Red-Blonde-Hair-Color Short-Blond-Haircut

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