Cute Weekend Hairstyles of 2015

We all expect a laid-back weekend. It’s time to relax and have fun. Do you want to look casual and relaxed or want to become more charming and sexier than office look? Here we provide you weekend hair ideas for your choice.

When it comes to weekend hairstyles, we often come up with “just out of bed” look like tousled twists and undone buns. These are simple and easy go-to choices. Moreover, the hanging strands of a messy side bun with large loose locks could make your bare shoulders less exposed when in strapless dresses.

But if you have a night out or special occasion, should we make it more complicated and fabulous? A braided top knot or a retro look could be your smart choice. A half up do is a simple way to replicate a vintage look. It’s easy yet elegant and a strong center parting could be a bonus.

For those girls with natural glossy hair, a low twist bun is really a go-to choice. Opt for a deep side parting if you’ve got thicker and heavier hair. Thin-haired girls could use donut ring to boost volume and maximize precision.


Weekend-Hairstyle-Backcombed-Ponytail Weekend-Hairstyle-Easy-Ponytail Weekend-Hairstyle-The-Boho-Braid Weekend-Hairstyle-The-Braided-Bun Weekend-Hairstyle-The-Braided-Bun1 Weekend-Hairstyle-The-Braided-Crown Weekend-Hairstyle-The-Braided-Mohawk Weekend-Hairstyle-The-Chignon-Ponytail Weekend-Hairstyle-The-Color-Highlighted-hair Weekend-Hairstyle-The-Edgy-Short-Cut Weekend-Hairstyle-The-Effortless-Bow-Chignon Weekend-Hairstyle-The-Effortless-Chignon Weekend-Hairstyle-The-Fishbone-Braide Weekend-Hairstyle-The-Half-Pinned-Up-do1 Weekend-Hairstyle-The-Knotted-Bun Weekend-Hairstyle-The-Long-Curly-Brunette-Hair Weekend-Hairstyle-The-Long-Wavy-Ombre-Hair Weekend-Hairstyle-The-Messy-Bob Weekend-Hairstyle-The-Messy-Braided-Flower Weekend-Hairstyle-The-Messy-Braided-Hair Weekend-Hairstyle-The-Messy-Twist Weekend-Hairstyle-The-Neat-Bob Weekend-Hairstyle-The-Piled-and-Pinned-Up-do Weekend-Hairstyle-The-Pulled-apart-Ponytail Weekend-Hairstyle-The-Side-Ponytail Weekend-Hairstyle-The-Top-Braided-Bun Weekend-Hairstyle-The-Twisted-Boho-Bun Weekend-Hairstyle-The-Twisted-Braids-anf-Messy-Bun Weekend-Hairstyle-The-Variant-Ponytail

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