Elegant Sleek Straight Hairstyles

The sleek straight hairstyle is one of the most classic hairstyles in most famous movies. Compared with other hairstyles, it looks more delicate and graceful in all occasions especially for those elegant ladies attending important social activities. Sometimes it can also give a fresh or sexy look with various transformations. Generally, a sleek straight hair would be highlighted by a symmetrical parting showing off a smooth forehead.

As to hair color, black sleek straight hair would be the most classic one. It looks lustrous with a glossy top and would be absolutely eye-catching when drape to the side over the shoulder. Paired with a gorgeous long dress, you would look stunning and outstanding in an evening.

To define the ultimate hairstyle, layers could be added to lighten the weight and make it easy to wave with lovely reflections. When it comes to polish the hair shape to its perfection, go easy on the styling products like hair gel or hair spray. They play an important role when style a sleek straight hairstyle. They would make your hair look straighter and healthier.


Bark-to-Light-Ombre-Hair-for-2014-Loose-Wavy-Curly-Hairstyle Blond-Sleek-Bob-Haircut Fringe-Hairstyle-on-Pixie-Crop Long-Sleek-Straight-Brunette-Hairstyle Long-Straight-Center-Parted-Brunette-Hairstyle Long-Straight-Ombre-Hairstyles-Daisy-Fuentes Mid-Length-Sleek-Hairstyle Short-Hairstyle-for-Round-shaped-Women Sleek-Black-Hairstyle1 Sleek-Blond-Hairstyle- Sleek-Brown-Hairstyle-2 Sleek-Brown-Hairstyle Sleek-Chestnut-Hairstyle Sleek-Ombre-Hairstyle Sleek-Ponytail-Hairstyle1 Sleek-Ponytail-Hairstyle3 Sleek-Up-do-Hairstyle

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