Great Short Haircuts For Dating

Many women like to wear short hair nowadays, because short hair is cooler and maybe easier to maintain than long hair. A short hair is absolutely good, but when it comes to a date, a feminine look is more advisable. Today, I will show you some great short hairstyles that make you upgraded on a date.

Among all the short hairstyles, the short bob, pixie and layered razor cut are the most beautiful and great for women to wear for a date. They spice up the cool look of a short hairstyle with the delicate girlish details.

The bob style is the most popular one. You can easily get a tidy and trendy look with a well styled bob. The side parted bob is quite sultry. You can curl the hair on the forehead, and let it fall down you face. That’s so nice. You may try it, and you won’t get disappointed.

The pixie may be the most girlish and fairy hairstyle for a short hair. It doesn’t have the cool feeling as the other short hairstyle, so you can make this hairdo without the worry that you may look like a handsome boy.
Anne-Hathaway-Pixie Elsa-Pataky-Pixie Kimberly-Wyatt-Pixie Sami-Gayle-lovely-Pixie Sami-Gayle-Pixie
The short-curls hairstyle is also gorgeous. Short curls make women attractive and sexy. You side part you hair, slickly tease the upper hair and curl the lower part. The curls can be voluminous, which is more beautiful and make your face look smaller than usual.
Alison-Brie-Short-Curls Cher-Lloyd-Short-Curls Christina-Hendricks-shiny-Short-Curls Christina-Hendricks-Short-Curls Kimberley-Wyatt-Short-Curls Rachel-McAdams-Short-Curls Rihanna-Short-Curls
Apart from these three hairstyles, a short layered razor cut is also a great choice. The layered razor cut is always styled smoothly so they can make the women look sophisticated and elegant. You can part you hair from one side and appear you beautiful forehead or you can wear a side-swept bangs. Each of them is wonderful. Ashlee-Simpson-cool-Layered-Razor-CutAshlee-Simpson-Layered-Razor-CutEmma-Watson-Layered-cool-Razor-CutEmma-Watson-Layered-Razor-CutHayden-Panettiere-Layered-Razor-CutKaty-Perry-Layered-Razor-Cut
Just enjoy them and choose your favorite one, and wish you a perfect date! Good Luck!

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