Hair Color Suggestions For African Americans

With summer drawing to a close, and fall fast approaching-your thoughts may be turning to a new hair color look for autumn. You are in good company, as there are many women having the same thought. With the air turning crisp and the trees taking on their beautiful, warm colors-it tends to make us want our look to be warm and inviting too. After all, our appearance has a great deal to do with how approachable we seem to others, and it can be just as important as our personality, if not more so-given the fact that people have only our appearance with which to form an immediate opinion if they have never met us. Here we will give you the information that you need to make an informed decision as to what color you would like your hair to be, as well as if you only want an all over single color or if you want a more multidimensional look this autumn.
The first thing to consider when looking for a hair color is the shade of your complexion. While there are vast numbers of skin tones, we all fall into two (2) basic groups-cool and warm. For the most part, if your skin is medium to very dark you will fall into the warm category, as you have yellow or golden undertones in your skin. If you have very light skin, you may fall into the cool category if the undertones in your skin are blue or pink. If you are unsure, look at the veins on the inside of your wrist, if they are blue/green you are in the warm category-if they are blue/purple you are in the cool category. The following suggestions assume that you are starting with your natural hair color.

Mary Mary Short Straight Hairstyle for African American Ladies

Tamar Braxton Hairstyles: Long Wavy Hairstyle with Bangs for African American
If you are looking for a blonde hair color, you should first consider if your hair was chemically treated previously. As you know, dry hair is already a concern-and if you have previously straightened etc., you will want to consider going blonde carefully because it can be very damaging to your hair. Platinum Blonde is great for “cool” people or even for “warm” people if you are looking to make a very drastic change in your appearance. If you are not necessarily looking to “stop the show”, then stay with golden blondes such as honey or bronze as they compliment the golden undertones in your skin.

Rihanna Medium Red Curly Hairstyle for African American

Rihanna Fiery Red Curly Hairstyle for Medium Length Hair
If red is your dream color, then a vibrant red is the way to go if you are looking for a huge change in your appearance, and really want to turn heads. If your personality is more subtle then try mahogany, or deep plum. These are great shades of red unless your skin is very dark, in that case try deep burgundy, amber or copper. Please note that naturally black hair may require “lifting” prior to application of a lighter color.

Elise Neal Hairstyles – Popular Hair Colors for Black Women
If you only want a very subtle change, then stay with browns and blacks. When using a black hair color you will want to stay away from those with blue undertones unless you fall into the “cool” category or have very dark skin-otherwise, the blue undertones will make your skin appear “washed out”. Instead, look for shades of, dark brown, natural black, or coffee-which will compliment your “warm” skin tone.

Nicki Minaj Curly Hairstyle with Bright Colors

Nicki Minaj Long Sleek Purple Hairstyle
As you can see, there are many choices to choose from that will make wonderful changes in your appearance-no matter if you are looking to turn heads or simply make soft, subtle changes. Either way you will look great this fall! If you really want to put your strong, attention getting personality out there-try some of the more brilliant color trends that are so sought after right now. You don’t have to commit to an all over color, streaks are just as popular in shades of neon green, violet, bubble gum pink, flame orange, or aquamarine. If you have the self-confidence to carry them off then go for it! The effect is gorgeous against such lovely dark complexions.

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