High Fashion Trends for Hair Color 2015

If you would like to stand out of the crowd and be distinctive from everyone else, do not be scared to try out a different hair color this 2015. Dying your hair would not only revamp your look but will also allow you to showcase your unique personality.

Before you head to your favorite salon, it is best to check out the hottest 2015 hair color trends first. That way, you can decide which hair color you would like to go for. Here are some of the latest and most fashionable hair colors for 2015 that you could choose from:

Multi-Colored Tones—If you want a bolder hair color change, why not dye your hair with 2 to 3 different colors? Dying the strands with different colors will add more volume and shine to your hair. When picking the colors, it is safer to opt for the ones which blend well together. For example, you can opt for dark pink and deep blue which will give an almost violet hue when it is hit by light. For a more edgy look, it is okay to mix and match other colors like green, orange and red.


Grey Color—Yes, this is quite interesting because others try their best to cover their grey hair since this is a sign of aging. The fashionable grey hair color actually has a light blue undertone. So, when you switch to this hair color, it would not look like you aged too fast. Usually, the roots maintain the natural color of the hair. Hence, this grey hair color works perfect for people with naturally black hair. The process involves bleaching so that the dark tones of your natural hair would become lighter.
Ombre Colored Hairstyle—This type of hair color never seems to fade. Even in 2015, the ombre colored hair still rocks! This actually works for varying natural colors. The look is achieved by maintaining a dark hair color by the roots and the upper part of the strands. Then, the color fades to a lighter shade as it approaches the tips. If you have dark hair, the process involves coloring the lower part of the strands. If you have a light colored hair, it means darkening the color of the roots and upper part of the strands.

If you are not yet sure about the hair color that you want, you can actually try out some of the washable hair color that are available in the market these days. These also work if you only want to change the color of your hair for the night because you are attending an event. The washable hair color will enable you to experience the change in hair color. If you like it, then have the stylist apply a permanent hair color. If not, you can simply wash it the next time you shower.

Yes, you can experiment with your hair color on your own. This works if you are opting for a plain solid color only. However, for more intricate styles like streaks, bleaching or segmented coloring, the best thing to do is to drop by your trusted stylist in the salon. That way, your hair would not end up ruined.

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