Keira Knightley’s Most Beautiful Hairstyles

Keira Knightley is an English actress and model. She achieved international fame in 2003 with her appearance in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. Her remarkable performance earned her several nominations for many famous awards and makes her the only non-American on the list of highest-paid actresses.

Leading lady of the moment, many of us must have fallen head-over-heels for her gorgeous and delicate hairstyles and wardrobe. She always looks so effortlessly cool and fashionable. Different hairstyles work well on her. She is also a recent convert to the short hairstyles tribe. It certainly caused quite a stir. Her short hair looks chic and fresh. She pulled off this fierce short hairstyle to some extent! Besides, she carries bob wonderfully as well. All kinds of bob look fantastic on her. All her hairstyles just enhance her charming flair.

Today, we’ve rounded up 28 Keira Knightley’s most Beautiful Hairstyles for your reference. Just pick one and check out whether it looks good on you right now.


Keira-Knightley-Hair-Black-Up-do-Hairstyle Keira-Knightley-Hair-Blond-Shaggy-Hairstyle Keira-Knightley-Hair-Braided-Hairstyle Keira-Knightley-Hair-Crimped-Bob-Hairstyle Keira-Knightley-Hair-Crimped-Bob-Hairstyle1 Keira-Knightley-Hair-Inverted-Bob-Hairstyle Keira-Knightley-Hair-Long-Black-Curly-Hairstyle Keira-Knightley-Hair-Long-Black-Hairstyle-With-Bangs Keira-Knightley-Hair-Long-Straight-Hairstyle Keira-Knightley-Hair-Long-Wavy-Hairstyle-With-Headband Keira-Knightley-Hair-Long-Wavy-Hairstyle Keira-Knightley-Hair-Long-Wavy-Hairstyle1 Keira-Knightley-Hair-Long-Wavy-Ombre-Hairstyle Keira-Knightley-Hair-Long-Wavy-Ombre-Hairstyle1 Keira-Knightley-Hair-Short-Shaggy-Hairstyle Keira-Knightley-Hair-Short-Shaggy-Hairstyle1 Keira-Knightley-Hair-Side-Up-do-Hairstyle Keira-Knightley-Hair-Sleek-Retro-Up-do-Hairstyle Keira-Knightley-Hair-Sleek-Up-do-Hairstyle-With-Clips Keira-Knightley-Hair-Straight-Bob-Hairstyle Keira-Knightley-Hair-Swept-Back-Hairstyle Keira-Knightley-Hair-Swept-Back-Hairstyle1 Keira-Knightley-Hair-Twisted-Up-do-Hairstyle Keira-Knightley-Hair-Up-do-Hairstyle-With-Clips Keira-Knightley-Hair-Up-do-Hairstyle-With-Headband Keira-Knightley-Hair-Up-do-Hairstyle Keira-Knightley-Hair-Wavy-Bob-Hairstyle

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