Most Impressing Short Shaggy Hairstyles of 2015

Many of us must have been impressed by Anne Hathaway’s short hair pixie crop last season on the red carpet in Hollywood. Another well-known short haircut model would be Michelle Williams’s short hair blonde elfin crop with longer side-swept sections on one side, while keeping it short underneath.

Short hairstyles look fresh and youthful. They make your lovely eyes and cheekbones the center of attention. Almost every woman can wear a short hair. Here are some tips that may be helpful for you to find out the right cut for your face shape and hair texture. A short hairstyle will be much easier for straight, fine hair. Shortcuts look great naturally wavy. What you need is just a good volumizer to keep your hair from falling flat. For coarse and curly hair, you’d better stay a couple of inches lower than the jaw.

Do you want to be informed of other short hairstyle versions? There are so many good-looking examples to help you up your style game.



Mid-length-Shaggy-Hairstyle Shaggy-Hairstyle Shaggy-Hairstyle2 Shaggy-Hairstyle3 Shaggy-Hairstyle4 Shaggy-Hairstyle5 Shaggy-Hairstyle6 Shaggy-Hairstyle10 Shaggy-Hairstyle11 Shaggy-Hairstyle12 Shaggy-Hairstyle13

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