Punk Hairstyles for Women – Stylish Punk Hair Photos

The punk hairstyle for women is gaining much popularity these days, not just for the rock stars and singers but also for those who would like to exude a strong and edgy character. Opting for this type of hairstyle can also give you class when done the right way. After all, there are many ways on how you can style a punk haircut.

What are the basic characteristics of a punk hairstyle? Truth is, this type of style for the hair has continuously evolved since the 1970s. It is mainly because the rock and roll scene continues to transform too. Yes, punk hairstyle is primarily identified with the rock and roll genre of music. However, these days, it has evolved as a fashion statement.

In the 1970’s punk hairstyle is identified by unusual hair colors like strong copper or pale blond which looks almost grayish. The hairstyle is also accompanied by bangs and a band that is worn on the middle part of the forehead. In the 1980’s, women became more edgy with their hairstyle and embraced the gothic-inspired haircut. The dyes used were of all colors—red, blue, green, pink and orange. It was in this era that women also daringly shaved their heads and started wearing spikes and Mohawk. In the 1990’s, the punk hairstyle took a more subtle and natural approach. Mohawk and spikes became less popular. Women still shaved their heads though. Others opted for uneven cuts on the sides (the right side being longer than the left side). Some would cut the under layer of their hair too short while keeping the hair on their crown longer.

Today, spikes and Mohawk are no longer in. Instead of using multi-colors, women prefer the darker shades of brunette, copper and even black. To make the look even more interesting, it is not the entire head that is being dyed with a single color. For example, the color of the bangs would be different from the rest. In others, sectional bleach is done to highlight a particular area while the rest maintains the natural color of the hair.

The style for this decade is characterized by long, side-swept bangs. This can be done for both long and short punk hairstyles. Usually the bangs cover until the top lid of one eye. It is also kept smooth and neat while the rest of the hair is fashionably tousled. Layers are played around a lot too. The cuts involve chopping the hair into varying lengths to achieve an uneven and asymmetrical structure.

The punk style for women can be done for both straight and curly hair. For straight hair, styling involves flaunting the bold layers and working on the bangs. For curly hair, the shorter cut works best. Then the crown can be styled using mousse or wax so that the strands would stay almost upright. Do not bother about fly away strands at the back part too. Just rumple them to get a dishevelled yet stylish look.

You do not have to be a lead singer of a band or a groupie just to get a punk hairstyle. Do not be scared to play around with your hair so you can also explore which one you are most comfortable with.

Here is a gallery of punk hairstyles, enjoy.

Cool-Stylish-Punk-Hairstyles-for-Female Cool-Stylish-Short-Punk-Hairstyles Crazy-Purple-Punk-Hairstyles-for-Women Easy-Daily-Punk-Hairstyles Funky-Short-Blonde-Punk-Hairstyles Modern-Punk-Hairstyles-for-Short-Straight-Hair Multi-Colored-Punk-Hairstyles-with-Layers Punk-Hairstyles Short-Blonde-Punk-Hairstyles-for-Women Short-Blonde-Punk-Hairstyles Short-Blue-Punk-Hairstyle Short-Choppy-Punk-Hairstyle Short-Straight-Punk-Hairstyles-for-Female Trendy-Punk-Hairstyles Trendy-Short-Choppy-Layered-Punk-Hairstyles Trendy-Sleek-Punk-Hairstyles

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