Short Curly Hairstyles of The Season

Curly hair is always quite splendid and stylish for formal dress and situations. Even if you have short hair, you can still choose the wavy and curly hairstyles which are quite charming. Short curly hairstyles, when they are sported excellently, will make you look more graceful and sophisticated. Short curly hairstyles are quite simple to create and manage. If you bear a bob hairstyle, you can get an attractive wavy bob by adding rollers to create tender and sexy waves. This can also give more volumes to your hair. For a totally curly hairstyle, you can choose thin rollers to gain some soft ringlets. You can also turn to a flat iron to create the curly hairstyle. Before curling, you’d better apply some heat protection serum. Curly hairdos are quite stunning yet they tend to become dry and frizzy. For the quite curly hair, it is wise to brush your hair with your fingertips or wide-teethed comb.

Short curly hairstyles can add many volumes to your thin hair at the sides and crown. The short curly hairstyles can be your ideal option if you have thick hair.

Adding bangs can be a cool way to enhance short curly hairstyles. And there are a lot of kinds of bangs such as side swept bangs, choppy bangs and neat heavy bangs from which you can choose, so you can always find the proper one for your face features.


1960’s-Hairstyle-–-Elegant-Short-Blonde-Curly-Hairstyle 2014-Curly-Hair-Trends-Trendy-Short-Red-Curly-Hairstyle-for-Thick-Hair 2014-Short-Curly-Hairstyle-Trends-–-Chic-Black-Hair-with-Curls African-American-Hairstyles-for-2014-–-Sexy-Short-Curly-Hairstyle-for-Black-Women Best-Curly-Hairstyle-for-Women-Most-Popular-Short-Curly-Hairstyle-for-2014 Celebrity-Short-Wavy-Curly-Hairstyle-with-Side-Swept-Bangs Classic-Side-Parted-Short-Black-Wavy-Curly-Hairstyle-for-Women Cool-Stylish-Short-Black-Curly-Hairstyle-for-Women Curly-Hairstyles-2014-–-Side-View-of-Sexy-Short-Curly-Hair-Style


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