Simple Ways to Make an Elegant Ballerina Bun

Most of us must have been impressed by the graceful silhouette of the ballerinas in classic movies. It’s a popular and easy hairstyle for actresses to wear without worrying of frivolous or overdue appearance in an important occasion. We’d never forget the amazing image of the breath-taking bride in a wedding too. It’s also a delightful hairstyle when you want to keep you hair out of face and neck

There are two types of ballerina buns: one is the round donut ballerina bun and the other is the twisted ballerina bun. The round donut ballerina bun is generally bigger than the twisted one, but in my humble opinion, the twisted ballerina bun is more elegant than the round donut one. Besides, we can make it high over the head or a lower one just beyond the nape of the neck.

Steps to make a twisted ballerina bun:

  1. It would be much easier for you with the wet hair, as wet hair can make fly-away flicked down, but it’s optional if you like a messy one.
  2. Brush your hair back to make a ponytail on the top of the head or a lower place; it depends on which style you want. Then fix it with rubber band.
  3. Twist the ponytail to its ends, you can also braid the ponytail or divide it into two parts and twist them separately.
  4. Circle the twist around the ponytail base and tuck the end underneath the bun.
  5. Insert some bobby pins to make it fixed, and then decorate it with a silk band or a flowery clip.


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When it comes to donut ballerina bun, we’d need the help of hairstyling instruments like the donut ring, hair sock and hair gels, thus we could get the lustrous super big ballerina bun. You need also to backcomb and pull your hair to be in a better shape.
 high-bun-9 images-4 The-Donut-Bun wedding-hairstyle-bun-up-do1_large

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