Top Emma Watson Hairstyles

Emma Watson plays Ila in the upcoming film, Noah. From the trailer, Emma goes back to the old time, and wears no longer the fashionable clothes. Also, she completes her ragged look with a tousled hair, but actually she styles her hair in the loose braided do.

However, Emma Watson is a head-turner when she gets back to the real world. She always shines for her look. Her hairstyle plays an important role for her glamorous look. Let’s see how she can rock both short and long haircut. Check it now.

Emma Watson Long Hair style: 2015 Lovely Bun
Emma Watson styles her long hair in a lovely bun. Her strawberry-blonde tresses are so sleek and polished, pushed back and twisted into a bun. The bun doesn’t leave any locks for the forehead to open up her face and reveal her natural beauty. When you recreate the hairstyle, the first thing you do is to have your hair soft and glossy.

Emma Watson Long Hairstyles: 2015 Braided Updo
Emma Watson opts for a romantic braided updo for her look. The hair is a sophisticated hairstyle with no bangs. Emma draws all her locks back and makes some braids which make up an updo. To create the hairstyle, be sure that the braids are tight.
Emma Watson Long Hairstyle: Messy Updo
Emma Watson looks so classic in her messy updo. She tucks her long side parting behind her ears and pins up a messy updo. The look can bring a more feminine look, so any woman has textured hair can try it out.
Emma Watson Short Hairstyle: Funny Hair
Emma Watson keeps a playful look with a super short hair. After experiencing with the long hairstyle, Emma chops her locks but she still wows us with the funny pixie with short bangs which can elongate her face. The hair is best for the fine hair.
Emma Watson Short Hairstyle: Blonde Hair
Emma Watson styles her short hair in a blonde hair with wispy bangs. The haircut gives her face a beautiful shape and goes well with her slightly make-up.
Emma Watson Short Hairstyle: Sleek Hair
Have you ever thought that short haircut can have sleek mane. Emma succeeds in styling her hair in a sleek do. She sweeps her bangs to a side to create a polished and edgy look. If you want to have the haircut, you will pay attention to the maintenance.
Emma Watson Short Hairstyle: Subtle Waves
Emma Watson chooses a creative hair for her look. She curls her short locks and styles the breezy bangs. The volumes of wavy locks add a layered look to the haircut.
Emma Watson Short Hairstyle: Straight Locks
Experiencing with a curly short hair, Emma Watson has her short hair done in a straight style with side part which is face-framing. Plus, her tresses are soft and glossy.
Emma Watson Short Hairstyle: Pixie with Side Part
Emma Watson looks fresh in her pixie with side razored bangs at a premiere. You can try out different colors of this hair ‘do.
Emma Watson Short Hairstyle: Adorable Pixie
Emma Watson’s short hair becomes longer. She styles it in an adorable pixie which can suit any face shape.
Emma Watson Short Hairstyle: Retro Bob
Emma Watson wears her short hair in a retro bob with side swept bangs that are tucked behind the ears. The hair has curly ends to recreate a vintage look and it works well with the deep red lipstick.
Emma Watson Medium Length Hairstyle: Layered Haircut
Emma Watson completes her high-fashion outfit with a mid-length straight hair with side parting. The hair is carefree and age-appropriate.
Emma Watson Medium Hairstyle: Straight Hair
Emma Watson wears her medium hair in a straight hair ‘do. The hair is an auburn hue bob with side parting that silhouettes her face perfectly.
Emma Watson Medium Hairstyle: Soft Locks
Emma Watson sports a mid-length bob with soft locks. The combination of straight tops and curly ends brings a more natural look.
Emma Watson Medium Hairstyle: Honey-kiss Hair
Emma Watson shows off her honey-kiss hair for the red carpet look. She looks ultra-pretty in the hair that is curled and side parted.
Emma Watson Medium Hairstyle: Wavy Haircut with Swept Bangs
Emma Watson looks so sweet in the wavy hair with swept bangs. The hair is an angular style with voluminous curly locks and stylish bangs that are tucked behind the ears. It’s good for women who have medium length hair to date.
Emma Watson Medium Hairstyle: Layered Haircut
Emma Watson has her mid-length hair done in a layered ‘do. The hair has curly ends and side parting. To recreate the hairstyle, you can have a layered hair ‘do first and curl the longer layer carefully. –
Emma Watson Long Hairstyle: Long Side Part
Emma Watson has a sunny look with a blonde hair with subtle waves and long side parting.
Emma Watson Long Hairstyle: Brown Hair
Emma Watson is ethereal in her long curly hair. She styles her long hair in the wavy and curly side parted ‘do. The side parting obscures part of her face to create a mystery look.
Emma Watson Long Hairstyle: Layered Curls
Emma Watson rocks her curly hair elegantly. The hair is a layered haircut with side parting and curly ends. It’s another successful hair for the combination of straight tops and curly ends.
Emma Watson Long Hairstyle: Brezzy Hair Emma Watson wears a breezy straight hair and sweeps her long bangs back behind her ears in order to create a sunny look.
Emma Watson Long Hairstyle: Easy Hair for Holidays
You can choose the hairstyle for your long hair enjoying your holidays as Emma Watson’s. Emma looks casual and bright in her deep brown hair with side parting and subtle wavy locks.
Emma Watson Long Hairstyle: Loose Braid
Emma Watson completes her outfit with a loose braid with side part. She makes a casual braid and leaves curly locks flowing down naturally.

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