Top Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles

Although Jennifer Lopez has become a super mom of two, It doesn’t stop her from being stunning with gorgeous hairstyles. Jennifer has tried many hairstyles, now let’s take a look at the top 30 Jennifer Lopez’s hairstyles and get inspired from them.
Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Vivacious Straight Haircut with Bangs

Jennifer Lopez looks so independent and positive with this straight hairstyle. The light colored ends show a sun-kiss effect, and this is really a shiny look.

Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Sweet Loose Bun for a Cute Look 


Jennifer looks so pretty with this messily teased loose bun. The center-parted bangs frame the face shape perfectly, so it is great for any face shapes. Whether you are on a formal occasion or just on a holiday, you’ll be gorgeous with this hairstyle.

 Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Super-chic Messy Updo


This messy updo is so chic that your style will be upgraded in a minute with this hairstyle. However, it really requires skills. Maybe, you can turn to a stylist to get this hairdo.

 Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Sunny Messy Updo with Side-swept Bangs


This is another messy updo, but it’s more sophisticated than the above two. The side-swept bangs give a sassy look and it is suited for any occasion.

 Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Stylish Loose Ponytail for Office Ladies


This is another messy updo, but it’s more sophisticated than the above two. The side-swept bangs give a sassy look and it is suited for any occasion.

 Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Stylish Loose Ponytail for Office Ladies




For an elegant woman, the classic bun is the best one to boost your taste. In this photo, Jennifer looks so decent and stylish with this simple and classic hairstyle. You can sport this hairdo for any occasion to get the same beautiful look.

 Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Sophisticated Ponytail for Elites


Don’t you think Jennifer Lopez look incisive with this sophisticated ponytail? The back teased hairstyle is best suited for a formal occasion and the bouncy curls in the ends add cuteness and friendliness to the overall look. So, it’s an ideal choice for those elites.

Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Sleek Braided Bun for Formal Occasions


This braided bun is also great for formal occasions, and it is easy to achieve, too. For round and square face shapes, you’d better remain the bangs so that it can help to frame your face.

 Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Side-swept Long Curls for an Edgy Look


Jennifer shows off her pretty brunet locks with these side-swept long curls. All the locks have been swept to one side to get a charming look. Any face shape and any occasion is suited for this gorgeous hairstyle.

 Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Side-swept Classy Half-up Half Down Haristyle for Younger Women


Get a brand new look with this classy half-up half-down hairstyle! You can do this hairstyle by yourself at home. When you fix the top layer with a ponytail, remember to curl it slightly. It can make your look bouncy and lively.

 Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Seductive Center-parted Curls


It can really make you into a Hollywood super star with these seductive curls. The center-parting opens up the face and the voluminous curls touches the face closely. All these contribute to a fabulous final look.

Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Sassy Medium Wavy Haircut 


Jennifer Lopez looks so cozy with this soft and stylish medium wavy haircut. The messily tousled locks add air to the hair and gives off a casual yet classy touch. It can also be a super-chic wedding hairstyle when transformed. Have a try if you like it.

 Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Romantic Messy Updo for Ladies


Jennifer looks so fresh with this hairstyle, and I like this romantic updo. The blow-out wavy fringes just look like two lovely wings. Ladies at any age can rock this sassy updo for any occasion.

 Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Pretty Long Wavy Haircut for Oval Face Shape


This pretty wavy haircut is versatile. It’s so simple to maintain and the ombre hair color makes the overlook more cheerful. It is perfect for the oval face shape.

 Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Ombre Loose Curls for Any Occasion


Jennifer wears her soft loose curls down naturally and she looks radiant with it. No matter where you go, you are always the eye-catcher with this hairstyle.

 Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Modern Loose Bun for Any Face Shape


Oh, this bun is so gorgeous. The updo is tousled loosely and the side-parted bangs add a touch of casual beauty to the look. You may experiment with this modern loose bun for any formal occasions.

Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Melting Textured Wavy Haircut for Party 


Jennifer looks sweet with this textured wavy haircut. You see? Sometimes, a small hairpin can make great difference to the final look.

 Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Layered Straight Haircut for Women


Jennifer looks so stylish with this layered haircut. The center-parting and rich layers work well to frame the face shape. So, whatever your face shape is, you can always be safe with this haircut.

 Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Golden Voluminous Long Curls for an Edgy Look


These voluminous long curls are great for women with thin hair and the round face shape. Go for it as you like.

 Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Glamorous Long Curls for All Face Shapes


Jennifer shows off her pretty golden hair with this center-parted hairstyle. She curls out her locks loosely to showcase her beautiful face. It’s so great that all face shapes are suited for this hairstyle.

 Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Feminine Center-parted Loose Curls





This is also a stylish wavy hairstyle. The golden hair is pretty with any hairstyle. Maybe, you should try it when you want to get a new color for your hair.

 Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Fascinating Long Wavy Hairstyle


The loose waves add volume and texture to the hair. Jennifer Lopez looks so airy with it. You can try this hairdo, too. It’s especially great for women with thin hair.

 Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Fantastic Fluffy Straight Haircut with Center-parted Bangs


It seems that this haircut is transformed from the above one. Just turn the voluminous curls into fluffy and shaggy straight lines. It’s the same beautiful.

 Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Faddish Punk style Updo


Show off your fashion statement with this faddish punk style updo. You can be a real stunner.

Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Elegant Brunette Medium Curls


This time, Jennifer styles her brunette hair into medium curls. She looks so elegant and stylish. The jewelry hairpin is the protagonist in this hairstyle.

 Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Edgy-chic Shaggy Hairstyle for Party




Jennifer looks edgy-chic with this shaggy wavy hairstyle. Although it’s not suitable to wear for any occasion, it’s still a nice choice to sport this one for a special party.

Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Cheerful Ponytail for Women 


This ponytail is simple yet classic. It is suited for any occasion. As for a round face shape, you can leave two strands of locks in the front to frame the face.

 Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Blonde Layered Haircut for Any Occasion


Jennifer looks easy-going with this simple layered haircut. And the blonde hair goes with her complexion in a perfect way. Any face shape and occasion is suited for this hairstyle.

 Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Alluring Center-parted long Curls


These long curls are more delicate than the above long curls so it is more mellifluous. Younger women are more suitable for this one.

 Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Adorable Straight Haircut for Young Women

Jennifer looks so adorable with this layered straight haircut. The wispy bangs make the overall look lively and brisky. It can frame you face and lessen your ages. So great!

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