Top Jessica Alba Hairstyles

Whether Jessica Alba is acting as a superhero in the film or playing the role of a super mom, she is always spotted with her stunning hairstyles. Here are the top 21 Jessica Alba hairstyles over these years, go through the photos and find some ones that you can pull off, too.
Jessica Alba Hairstyles: Vivacious Blunt Wavy Haircut

This is Jessica’s new haircut. The loose medium curls embrace the face closely and the light colored ends make the overlook brisky and vivacious. It’s so trendy and it’s great for all face shapes and any occasion.

Jessica Alba Hairstyles: Classy Medium Curls


This side-swept medium curls look so healthy and voluminous. Just part your medium curls from one side and put the thinner side back over your ear. Use the gel and finalize the style, and you will be so fabulous with such a great hairstyle.

Jessica Alba Long Hairstyles: Stylish Loose Curls for Any Face Shape


These stylish loose curls look so warm on those cold days. The ombre hair color has a sun-kiss effect and the beautiful locks on the face works great to shape the face. If you like this beautiful, rock it.

Jessica Alba Long Hairstyles: Pretty Medium Straight Haircut for Young Girls


Jessica looks so sweet with this simple yet trendy hairstyle. Just put one side hair back over the ear, and let the other side fall down naturally. It’s so great. You’d better use some hair product to maintain the style.

Jessica Alba Long Hairstyles: Stylish Side-parted Long Curls


Jessica Alba is radiant with these stunning side-parted long curls. The deep side-parting makes the face look longer, so it’s great for women with a round or fat face.

Jessica Alba Long Hairstyles: Sassy Messy Updo for Ladies


This is really a sassy hairstyle which is suited for every woman. Some strands of curves fall upon the face and make the overall look so alive and fresh. It is suited for any occasion.

Jessica Alba Long Hairstyles: Radiant Wavy Haircut for Oval Face


Don’t you think Jessica Alba looks like a Barbie when she styles her adorable golden locks into this side-swept wavy haircut? It is a perfect hairstyle to show off your beautiful face shape. Come on, beauties with oval face! Try it.

Jessica Alba Long Hairstyles: Ombre Loose Curls for All Face Shapes



How sexy Jessica is with such a gorgeous ombre loose curls and such a stunning red lip. All face shapes will be sassy with this hairstyle.

Jessica Alba Long Hairstyles: Modern Side-swept Wavy Haircut for Holidays


Imagine you are on a sunny beach, how beautiful you will be with such pretty flowing locks! So, next time you go for a holiday, don’t forget this nice hairstyle.

Jessica Alba Long Hairstyles: Messy Ponytail for Everyday Look


Hum, another simple yet fabulous hairstyle for you. Just tousle the hair on the back of the head messily and fluffily, fix it into a ponytail and then curl the tail slightly. The two strands of locks in the front frames the face in a moderate way. In a word, it’s so pretty.

Jessica Alba Long Hairstyles: Lovely Long Center-parted Hairstyle


Jessica styles her brunette locks into a center-parted hairstyle and she looks so cute. The deep center-parting makes the face look longer and the locks embracing the face cover the round or square corner of the face. So, whatever face shape you are, you can show off your beautiful appearance without any worry.

Jessica Alba Long Hairstyles: Glamorous Loose Bun


Jessica teases all her lovely lock back into a loose bun, and two strands of hair have been left in the front to frame the face. No matter what occasion you are on, it can always turn you into the queen of beauty.

Jessica Alba Long Hairstyles: Blond Loose Curls for Any Occasion


Anyone with this faddish hairstyle can be a super star! The fluffy locks are blown outward and some curls are added to the ends. This is a bouncy and stylish hairstyle for any occasion. Experiment with it as you like!

Jessica Alba Hairstyles: Sweet Straight Haircut for Round Face


The center-parted hair style is wonderful for the round face shape. And this is an easy-maintain hairstyle for our everyday stylish looks.

Jessica Alba Hairstyles: Stylish Center-parted Curly Hairstyle


I love these center-parted long curls. It is classic and classy. Women at any age, with any face shape are suited for this hairstyle. It just upgrades you style and overall look in a minute.

Jessica Alba Hairstyles: Side-swept Straight Ponytail


If you like the ponytail, rock your long locks into this fascinating one. You can get a faddish and demure look.

Jessica Alba Hairstyles: Romantic Wedding Hairstyle


Do you want a romantic wedding hairstyle? This shaggy hairstyle really requires a lot of skills. Take this picture to your stylist and maybe he can get inspired from it.

Jessica Alba Hairstyles: Cool Pompadour for Mature Women


This pompadour looks spirited and it is especially ideal for a career elite. Next time you attend an important negotiation, try this cool pompadour! It will help you to leave a good impression!

Jessica Alba Hairstyles: Casual-chic Straight Haircut


For our everyday trendy look, this ombre straight haircut is stunning enough to make you fantastic!

 Jessica Alba Hairstyles: Brunette Medium Wavy Haircut for Women




Jessica looks confident and stylish with this simple medium wavy haircut. All face shapes are suited for this hairstyle. Try this if you have the same beautiful medium locks as Jessica.

Jessica Alba Hairstyles: Adorable Ponytail with Bangs

I love this cut pony tail. It gives off a causal-chic! It looks so free and natural. It must be a great hairstyle for our weekends.

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