Top Kelly Osbourne Hairstyles

Kelly Osbourne impresses us with her signature PURPLE locks. We can learn how to rock such a bright hair color with her. Besides, I have collected some pictures of Kelly with blonde hair and brunette hair. She is the same gorgeous with these hair colors. Now, let’s appreciate her stylish hairstyles together.

This is Kelly’s recent hairdo. The braided updo is so amazing when paired with the metallic studs. The blunt bangs on the forehead just glimpse off her eyebrows and make her fiery eyes the focal attraction. It’s so interesting and any woman is suited for this hairstyle.

 Kelly Osbourne Hairstyles: Brunette Shaggy Curls


To live through a cold winter, you may need this warm hairstyle. Kelly rocks a head of brunette hair for a fresh look. The fluffy wavy lengths look so airy and bouncy. Go for it as you like.

 Kelly Osbourne Hairstyles: Lavender Curly Hairstyle


Kelly Osbourne looks so chic with this short Curly Hairstyle. The side-parted wavy bangs give the cool look a feminine touch. When you turn the hair color into the ordinary ones, it can be a versatile hairstyle for any occasion.

 Kelly Osbourne Hairstyles: Lavander Side-parted Long Curls


Kelly looks sweet with these side-parted long curls. The deep side-parting takes effect to make the face look longer, so it is great for any face shape. Just with a proper curling iron, you can get this pretty look effortlessly.

 Kelly Osbourne Hairstyles: Radiant Hair Knot


Kelly is radiant with this loose hair knot in bright purple. You see? Just a different color makes great difference to the overall look.

 Kelly Osbourne Hairstyles: Glamorous Center-parted Wavy Haircut


The center-parted curly hairstyle makes Kelly so elegant and sophisticated. I think she is beautiful with this haircut. It is suited for any face shape and any occasion.

 Kelly Osbourne Hairstyles: Sleek Bobby Pinned Updo


Kelly is really beautiful with this messy half-up half-down hairstyle. The messy upper section gives off a casual-chic while the wavy lengths make the overlook more romantic. For any occasion, this hairstyle is a fabulous choice.

 Kelly Osbourne Hairstyles: Spirited Wavy Ponytail


Kelly Osbourne teases all her light brown hair back in a smooth way into a high ponytail. Then she styles the ponytail into voluminous loose curls. It’s so spirited that Kelly looks really vivacious and youthful with this hairstyle.

 Kelly Osbourne Hairstyles: Sleek Ponytail with Bangs


This time, Kelly rocks a low ponytail with her signature purplish gray straight locks. The side-parted bangs and the sleek locks are indescribably beautiful and voguish. You can also style your colorful hair with this ponytail.

 Kelly Osbourne Hairstyles: Side-parted Short Wavy Haircut


I like Kelly with blonde hair. The side-parted short curls make her radiant and rosy. This hairstyle is perfect for any face shape, and you can wear it on any occasion.

 Kelly Osbourne Hairstyles: Blonde Curls with Bangs


How happy she is with this adorable hairstyle! The side-swept loose curls are so sweet with the thin blunt bangs. Younger women are quite suited for this hairstyle to get a sassy look.

 Kelly Osbourne Hairstyles: Super-chic Hair Knot


Kelly Osbourne styles her purplish hair into a bun on the crown. The fluffy strands that have been left behind on purpose add life to the hairstyle. This is really a fun yet trendy look.

 Kelly Osbourne Hairstyles: Edgy-chic Side-parted Hairstyle


This is an edgy-chic hairstyle with two mixed hair colors. The deep side-parting wavy bangs add femininity to the edgy look, so it will be more suitable for women. You may experiment with it if you like it.

 Kelly Osbourne Hairstyles: Stylish Ponytail


Kelly always stuns us with her stylish hairstyle. The straight ponytail with a high top is really voguish. For an everyday look, you can lower the front section, and it can be the same trendy.

 Kelly Osbourne Hairstyles: Super-straight Haircut with Center-parted Bangs


n this picture, Kelly just wears down her pretty locks naturally with a center-parting. The bangs just embrace her face and the straight hair looks smooth and classy. Any face shape is suited for this hairstyle.

 Kelly Osbourne Hairstyles: Braided Updo with Blunt Bangs


When Kelly styles her locks into a braided updo, it soon becomes a piece of art. The hairstyle is pretty and the full bangs takes great effect the frame the face shape. If you have the same cute locks, learn from this hairstyle of Kelly.

 Kelly Osbourne Hairstyles: Loose Ponytail with Curly Fringe


Kelly Osbourne rocks a loose ponytail with her blonde hair. A strand of curls has been left falling upon her face. It’s such a fabulous look which is a stunner on any occasion.

Kelly Osbourne Hairstyles: Elegant Medium Curls


The side-parted medium curls make Kelly mature and elegant. The textured curls on the side add a retro-chic to the overall look. You can rock this great hairstyle with your hair for a trendy and graceful look.


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