Top Kelly Rowland Hairstyles

It seems that Kelly Rowland has become hotter and hotter. Her makeup and her outfits stun us all. But the fiercest attention is her hairstyle. Now, let’s take a look at Kelly Rowland’s most beautiful hairstyle.

Kelly Rowland Hairstyles: Sassy Straight Haircut with Blunt Bangs

Kelly Rowland looks so graceful and comely with this straight haircut. The blunt bangs make her even more adorable. Any face shape is suited with this hairstyle. I think this is really a pretty hairstyle.


Kelly Rowland Hairstyles: Sassy Voluminous Long Curls

Kelly Rowland shows off her thick raven hair with these voluminous long curls. She is so stylish with this hairstyle. The voluminous hair contrasts fiercely with her cute face and it is especially great for women with fat face and thin hair.


Kelly Rowland Hairstyles: Center-parted Voluminous Long Curls

When Kelly Rowland parts the voluminous curls from the center and teases them back, her beautiful face becomes the center of attraction. This one is more suited for a stylish yet elegant look.


 Kelly Rowland Hairstyles: Adorable Hair Knot

Do you like this adorable hair knot? The high knot makes the hairstyle suited for younger women, while the blunt bang and long fringe in the forehead works well to lessen older women’s age. So, this is really an ideal hairstyle for lovely women at any age.


Kelly Rowland Hairstyles: Classy Medium Wavy Haircut

Kelly Rowland is so classy with this center-parted way haircut. The blow-out lengths add movement to the hairstyle and it is super-great for a trendy look on any occasion.


Kelly Rowland Hairstyles: Modern Teased Hairstyle

Kelly Rowland looks spirited with this back teased hairstyle. This is really a perfect hairstyle to show off her pretty face shape. Long and square face shape should avoid this hairdo.


Kelly Rowland Hairstyles: Lovely Short Bob with Bangs

This short bob is fabulous to create a lovely and stylish look. Just see how sweet Kelly Rowland is with this haircut. The blunt bangs and the raven locks on both sides just frame the face to a perfect shape. Any woman is suited with this cute hairstyle.


Kelly Rowland Hairstyles: Center-parted Layered Haircut

I like Kelly in this hairstyle. The layers add bounce and movement to the hair. And Kelly is vivacious with this hairstyle. This center-pared layered haircut is a nice choice for women to get a stylish look.


Kelly Rowland Hairstyles: Pretty Long Curls with Bangs

These long curls make Kelly so decent and the side-swept bangs attach sweetness to the look. The fringe is trimmed in such a great way that it just showcases Kelly’s pretty face. It’s really a good hairstyle that deserves a try. Any occasion is suited for this hairstyle.


 Kelly Rowland Hairstyles: Long Braided Hairstyle with Bangs

Kelly Rowland looks s pretty with this long braided hairstyle. The over-grown bangs take great effect to shorten your face and the long braid make the overlook more sweet and feminine. I have to say that this is really a nice hairstyle for the long face shape to get a faddish look.


 Kelly Rowland Hairstyles: Wavy Ponytail

If you like the ponytail hairstyle, try this fabulous one. Just tease back all the locks loosely and fix them into a ponytail. Add waves to the tail, and this can make the simple hairstyle more stylish.


 Kelly Rowland Hairstyles: Super-chic Medium Wavy Hairstyle

This is a really amazing short hairstyle. The side-parted brunette hair looks great with a lot of volume and texture. Don’t you think Kelly looks so royal and demure with such a hairstyle? It’s obvious that Kelly pulls off this hairstyle indeed.


 Kelly Rowland Hairstyles: Side-swept Short Haircut

Kelly Rowland looks so sexy with this side-parted haircut. Most of the locks have been swept to one side and cover half of the face. The tapered locks just encompassed half of the head. All these contribute to a fabulously edgy look.


 Kelly Rowland Hairstyles: Trendy Pixie Haircut

Kelly Rowland shows off her super short hair with a well-trimmed pixie. She looks trendy and cheery. You can rock this pixie with your lovely short hair as you like.


Kelly Rowland Hairstyles: Fabulous Straight Haircut with Bangs

Kelly Rowland looks like a heroine with this dramatic hairstyle. Actually, it’s a side-parted straight haircut. Yet, it becomes faddish when you tease the lengths messily and fluffily. You can experiment with this uncommon hairstyle, and I’m sure you will be gorgeous.


Kelly Rowland Hairstyles: Ombre Medium Haircut with Wispy Bangs

This straight haircut is so cute with the wispy bangs that just glimpse off the eyes. It is a nice choice with this haircut to get an adorable and younger look. You can be more stylish when you turn the hair into an ombre one.


 Kelly Rowland Hairstyles: Sexy Long Curls with Bangs

Kelly Rowland is siren with the voluminous long curls. It can transform any woman into a princess or maybe a queen. Wherever you go, you are the absolute stunner with such a head of gorgeous curls.


 Kelly Rowland Hairstyles: Medium Curls with Red Highlights

Uh, this one is odd yet quite edgy. You can rock this haircut for a party, and you must be the eye-catcher.


Kelly Rowland Hairstyles: Side-parted Hairstyle with Highlights

This side-parted brunette hairstyle is really sassy with the beige highlights. The well-trimmed long fringe shapes the face in such a great way that any women with any face shape is suited with this stylish haircut.


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