Top Knots – the Cutest, Easiest Hairstyle

Top knots are a fast becoming hairstyle for everyone. It’s an easy way up for your everyday look. A top knot hair looks so young and fresh – an ideal casting when you want to get a change on your hairstyle.


You can make it sleek or messy depending on different occasions. In both cases, the top knot will definitely looks chic. A slicked back, glossy top can open up your face to show your smooth forehead. It helps to make your attractive features the center of attention. The pretty tresses shining through the twisted do echo in the shape of your face to create a harmonious overall effect. If you are concerning about the imperfect face shape, go to a fringe which follows your brow line for help. A right fringe could accentuate your lovely eyes and cheekbones perfectly and make an absolutely shinning and attractive final look.

Moreover, it suits your casual outfits with ease. A casual top knot is effortlessly cool with all styles. You can easily pull up your tousled long locks to get this look. Are you ready for it?


Casual-Top-Knot Messy-Top-Knot Messy-Top-Knot1 Messy-Top-Knot2 Simple-Top-Knot Simple-Top-Knots Sleek-Top-Knot Tiny-Top-Knot Tiny-Top-Knots

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