Top Willow Smith Hairstyles

Although Willow Smith is quite young, she has impressed us with her various newfangled hairstyles. Most of the time Willow Smith sports an odd hairstyle that marks her as a rocker, but sometimes she returns to the casual and ordinary girlish hairstyles. She is so cute. Now, let’s take a look at the top 15 Willow Smith’s hairstyle.

Willow Smith Hairstyles: Short Haircut with Bangs

Willow Smith looks so cool with this Emo Haircut. The curly fringe is chic with the golden highlights. If you are a rocker inside, try it!


Willow Smith Hairstyles: Adorable Cornrows

Willow looks so cute with a head of lovely cornrows. Younger women with any face shape except for the round one are suited for this hairstyle. You must be stylish with this interesting hairstyle.


Willow Smith Hairstyles: Stylish Long Braided Hairstyle

Wow, this is an ingenious hairstyle. She puts the cornrows forward and decorated with the metallic chains. Do you like it?


Willow Smith Hairstyles: Straight Haircut with Blunt Bangs

Uh, this is an ordinary hairstyle that we can sport for our everyday look. The full blunt bangs make Willow Smith look adorable while the super-straight locks gives off a sweet feeling. Go for it as you like!


 Willow Smith Hairstyles: Sleek Short Straight Haircut

Willow Smith rocks a sleek short hairstyle for an edgy look. If you like the very short haircut, maybe you can try this one!


Willow Smith Hairstyles: Fantastic Short Curls

This is Willow’s newest hairdo. Willow is edgy-chic with these super-short curls. Let’s see how long this will last.


 Willow Smith Hairstyles: Platinum Blonde Straight Haircut with Bangs

Willow Smith rocks a head of platinum blonde locks with blunt bangs. I think she is cute with this hairstyle. What do you think?


 Willow Smith Hairstyles: Fascinating Braided Hairstyle

When Smith opts for a braided hairstyle, she usually keeps a heart-shape chignon as a companion. Maybe this hairstyle is too exaggerated for a daily look, but it’s great for us to appreciate.


Willow Smith Hairstyles: Lovely Side-swept Straight Haircut

Willow Smith looks adorable and decent with the side-swept straight haircut. And I think this is her best hairstyle. In fact, women at any age are suitable for this simple yet quite stylish hairstyle.


Willow Smith Hairstyles: Natural Thick Updo

Willow Smith shows off her thick hair with this simple updo, and she looks cheerful with it. Older woman can sport this hairstyle for a glamorous look.


Willow Smith Hairstyles: Sophisticated Braided Updo

The heart-shape chignon and the braids again! Do you like it? Ok, just enjoy it.



Willow Smith Hairstyles: Crazy Braids

Willow Smith styles her crazy braids into a high ponytail. Did you notice that the ponytail is tied with shoelaces in yellow and orange? Oh my god! What do you think of it?



Willow Smith Hairstyles: Pretty Long Braids

Younger girls may like this funny hairstyle. The numerous braids with yellow ribbons make the look quite chic. With such a hairstyle which can last a long period once finished, you don’t need to worry about having no time to take care of your hairstyle in the morning.


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