Ways to Style Short Hair for the Prom

Beautiful Short Prom Haircuts

Who says short hair equates to disaster when it comes to prom? If you have always worn your short hair with confidence all year round, then why hate it now just because prom night is fast approaching? You short hair can also look fabulous for the prom so getting extensions is not the only option for you. Maintain your short hair and just add a few exciting details so you would look perfect during the special night in your teen life.


Truth is, there are a lot of things that you can do with your hair even if it is not long. You can actually take a look at the hairstyle for famous celebrities like Halle Berry, Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham. They do not have those long tresses but they still look iconic and glamorous. You can achieve that look too if you know how to style your short hair according to your personality and preference.

Before you even think of the accessories, make sure first that your hair has enough volume and body. One way to achieve this is to have it blow-dried. The perfect timing to start blow drying is when your hair is still damp from showering. That way, as it dries, it already follows the style that you want. Use a big roller brush to avoid fly away hair during the special night of your life. Then add some hair products too. Mousse will do an excellent job in holding the strands in place while allowing your hair to move along with you. If you want a firmer hold on your hairstyle, you can opt for the hair wax or paste.

To make your hairstyle different from your ordinary day to day look, add a few accessories. Studded head bands are great for prom. This will add more sophistication to your look. Opt for the thinner ones so that it would not be too overpowering. Small clips look very feminine too. You can put them on one side just to be a bit more fashionable. If you want a little more whimsy, wearing a small tiara can be adorable.

If you are not exactly the type of lady who adores hair accessories, there are other options that you can go for. Having a change of hair color before prom night is something you might want to consider. You can add accents to your hair through highlights and streaks. You do not necessarily have to change your hair color and make a big switch. You can just go for a shade lighter or darker than your natural hair color to make your tresses look vibrant and healthy. During prom night, you can actually use hair glitter to achieve a remarkable look.

Another thing that you should not forget when it comes to styling your short hair for the prom is to give it a good trim. Oftentimes, when your hair starts to grow, it loses the shape and style. This could make it difficult to achieve a chic and fabulous hairstyle during the prom. So, drop by the salon to have your hair trimmed and cut accordingly.


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